Le manuel de référence Envision v3 est maintenant offert en français | The Envision v3 Manual is now in French

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Les Canadiens sont proactifs, passionnés et engagés dans la conception et la création d’infrastructure durables, résilientes et équitables; ISI facilite considérablement cette tâche. Jusqu’à présent, le manuel de référence Envision v3 n’était offert qu’en anglais, mais il est maintenant aussi offert en français.

Cela contribuera grandement à offrir à tous les Canadiens l’occasion d’utiliser Envision et de consulter le processus de vérification du projet dans la langue officielle de leur choix.

Depuis la création d’ISI il y a 10 ans, l’utilisation d’Envision a connu une croissance régulière au Canada et les professionnels de la durabilité Envision (PD ENV) ont manifesté un grand intérêt à diriger des projets d’infrastructure civile à travers le pays.

La version française du manuel de référence Envision v3 permet à tous les Canadiens de concevoir et de créer de meilleures infrastructures pour protéger l’environnement, améliorer la santé et le bien-être de la population, et soutenir l’économie.

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Canadians are proactive, passionate, and committed to designing and building sustainable, resilient and equitable infrastructure – and ISI has just made this a lot easier. To date, the Envision v3 Guidance manual has only been offered in English, but as of today, it is also available in French.

This will go a long way in providing all Canadians with the opportunity to use Envision and navigate the project verification process in the official language of their choice.

Since ISI’s inception 10 years ago, Envision use has grown steadily in Canada, and there has been a great deal of interest in having Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SPs) lead civil infrastructure projects across the country.

The French version of the Envision v3 Guidance Manual enables all Canadians to design and build better infrastructure to protect the environment, enhance human health and well-being, and bolster economies.

To access and download your copy, log in to or create your free ISI account: www.sustainableinfrastructure.org.


Burnaby’s Willingdon Linear Park Earns Envision Silver

The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) announced today that the Willingdon Linear Park located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada is the recent recipient of the Envision® Silver award for sustainable infrastructure.

The project consists of approximately 1.17 kilometres of park and trail development, spanning thirteen city blocks. The road rehabilitation and construction of the park included milling of existing asphalt, asphalt replacement, construction of a new multi-use pathway, extensive landscaping, retaining walls, and other features.

The Willingdon Linear Park accomplishes several goals and meets the needs of the community by:

  • incorporating multi-use pathways;
  • offering safe pedestrian and cyclist road and laneway crossings;
  • integrating rest areas and pocket parks;
  • enhancing user comfort through park furnishings, lighting, trees, and other features; and
  • establishing character and distinction to the area.

The City of Burnaby worked closely with Eurovia British Columbia and ISL Engineering to deliver this award-winning sustainable project.

Learn more about the project by visiting the PROJECT PAGE.

British Columbia Institute of Technology’s North Campus Infrastructure Project Earns Envision Gold

The North Campus Infrastructure Project at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Burnaby, British Columbia is the recent recipient of the Envision®Gold award for sustainable infrastructure.

“The continuous community engagement throughout the North Campus Infrastructure Project has allowed BCIT to fully understand the needs of its community and to guide development and renewal opportunities that provide long-term benefits. This award further recognizes BCIT for its strong commitment and leadership in sustainability,” said Kathy Kinloch, President of BCIT.

Funded by the Province of British Columbia, the Government of Canada Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund, and BCIT, the North Campus Infrastructure project provides a critical upgrade to the campus’ electrical infrastructure. Electrical power at the Burnaby Campus is currently provided through two on-campus high-voltage (HV) receiving stations called Goard Way and Canada Way, which are connected to the 12.5 kV HV service provided by BC Hydro.

BCIT worked in close collaboration with Stantec, PCL Constructors Westcoast, R.F. Binnie & Associates, and PFS Studio to deliver this award-winning sustainable project.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this project.