Verify a Project

The Envision framework is an effective project planning and design tool. Our independent, third-party project verification and awards program is a transparent process to confirm that a project meets the sustainability criteria in the Envision framework.

There are many reasons why infrastructure stakeholders choose to pursue verification for their projects. An infrastructure owner or regulator may require it. Public agencies may want third-party confirmation of project achievements for the public good. Organizations may use the verification process as a learning tool, a process for accountability, and to calibrate their internal project assessments and application of Envision. Agencies and private companies may pursue verification for the public recognition it brings to their commitment to sustainable infrastructure.

Envision verification:

  • Helps to instil community confidence that the project addresses their needs and concerns.
  • Helps to instil ratepayer or tax-payer confidence that their money is being spent in their best interest.
  • Demonstrates the project’s sustainable achievements are recognized and considered noteworthy by an independent internationally recognized system.
  • Motivates project teams to collaborate to achieve better outcomes.
  • Provides an objective measure of sustainable performance and draws attention to the good work being undertaken.

View and download the Verification Brochure to learn more about the value of Envision verification.

A high-level summary of the verification process is presented below. For full details on Envision verification (e.g., eligibility requirements, process steps, timelines, and tips for applicants) please review our detailed Guide to Envision Verification for Applicants, which is available in users’ ISI accounts, and consider taking the Applicants Course.