Verification Fees

All fees listed are in Canadian dollars1.  Verification fees are based on several factors, including:

·         Project size1 in ($M) (i.e., the cost of the project in millions of CAD).

·         Membership status2 of the project team pursuing verification.

·         The verification pathway4 selected.

Project Size ($M)Registration FeesVerification Pathway A: Design + Post-Construction
Verification Pathway B: Post-Construction
5$2,500 $15,000$17,500 $11,250$13,750
5 – 25$2,500$21,250$25,000$17,500$21,250
25 – 100$2,500$32,500$37,500$26,250$31,250
100 – 250$2,500$41,250$48,750$35,000 $42,500
250 – 500 $2,500$51,250$60,000$43,750$52,500
500 – 1000$2,500$60,000$70,000$52,500$62,500
1000$2,500Contact us for a quote.


1. The project size is the total cost of the project in millions of Canadian dollars. This includes land acquisition; eminent domain/expropriate fees; planning and feasibility studies; architectural and engineering design; construction (including materials and labour); and construction financing. If the project is not yet complete, use a reasonable estimate for project size.

2. Learn more about the benefits of membership by visiting our Become a Member page.

3. Information about the two verification pathways is available on our Steps to Verification page or in our more detailed Guide to Envision Verification for Applicants.

Multi-phase Projects & Project Portfolios

Are you considering Envision verification for a complex multi-phase project or a portfolio of projects? If so, please contact us to learn more about available discounts and options for streamlining project submissions.