Use Envision

Envision was designed to help infrastructure stakeholders implement more sustainable projects. It offers benefits for each category of stakeholder: from owners and design teams, to community and environmental groups, to constructors, regulators, and policymakers.

Envision can and should be used throughout the entire life cycle of a project. However, the earlier Envision is applied the greater the value it can deliver.

Using Envision early on in the project timeline provides the greatest opportunity to make decisions that will improve the sustainability of the project and yield positive outcomes for communities.

The use of Envision can benefit projects in numerous ways including:

  • Long-term viability through increased resiliency and preparedness.
  • Lower costs through management and stakeholder collaboration.
  • Reduced negative impacts on the community and the environment.
  • Potential to save owners money over time through efficiency.
  • Credibility of a third-party rating system.
  • Increased public confidence and involvement in decision-making.

Envision includes 64 sustainability and resilience indicators, called ‘credits’, organized around five categories: