Transportation Infrastructure

In every area of transportation, Envision can be used to incentivize higher performance goals. These sectors include roads, highways, & bridges, public transit, ports & waterways, airports, and more. Transport represents the largest infrastructure category in ISI’s total portfolio of projects.

Making Connections: Transit Sustainability

There is a growing community of transit organizations in Canada using Envision. View two projects examples here, each of them verified using the Envision Sustainability Framework and Rating System.

Sustainable & Resilient Ports

There are currently two projects, one on the east coast and one on the west coast, that have earned Envision awards. You can find more information on these projects below.

Bridge Projects and Envision

Envision has also been an effective tool for sustainability on bridge projects. Find out more about the Gordie Howe International Bridge Project and the New Champlain Bridge Corridor (NCBC) project, which both earned Platinum, the highest Envision award level.

Roads and Highways

With the Envision framework, agencies have an invaluable tool to advance sustainability initiatives in the roads and highway projects that are critical to transportation renewal. Two examples are showcased below.