City of Red Deer’s Water Treatment Plant RMF Earns Envision Bronze Award

Washington, D.C.— July 15, 2021 — Home to more than 101,000 residents, the City of Red Deer, which is located in central Alberta, operates a conventional surface water treatment plant that draws water from the Red Deer River and provides clean drinking water to the city and its regional customers. The primary goal of the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Residuals Management Facility (RMF) is to improve the quality of the waste stream from the clarification process at the WTP prior to its discharge into the Red Deer River. Improved treatment of the waste streams from the new WTP RMF will reduce the visible plume created by the current discharge, reduce solids sedimentation and associated impacts on fish habitats, improve the river’s aesthetics, and encourage recreational activities.

The project is being constructed on a now out-of-service water treatment plant and sludge dewatering facility. These facilities are being demolished to accommodate the new RMF.

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