September 2023 ENV SP Training

This ENV SP Training was hosted in conjunction with ISI and the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE) and was delivered virtually via Zoom. This training was also open to Non-Canadians.

The training was delivered over 2 half-day sessions on Monday, September 11- Tuesday September 12.

The course was designed to equip attendees with the ability to:

  • Demonstrate how infrastructure can address the challenges inherent to sustainable development
  • Describe the components of Envision
  • Evaluate the sustainability of infrastructure projects using the Envision framework
  • Describe the Envision verification process
  • Use Envision to plan, design and deliver more sustainable infrastructure

More Envision training is currently being planned to support infrastructure professionals in responding more effectively to sustainability challenges on projects. Stay tuned!

More information on earning the Envision Sustainability Professional credential.