Pesaro Railway Station

ICMQ, ISI’s partner in Italy, has announced that Pesaro Railway Station, the main station in the Italian province of Pesaro-Urbino, has earned an Envision Silver award for its sustainable and resilient redevelopment efforts. Strategically located near the historic center, the seaside, and the city park, this train station serves as one of the main gateways into Pesaro, which has been recognized as the Italian Capital of Culture for 2024.

The Pesaro Railway Station redevelopment is one of four pilot projects chosen by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, the owner of Italy’s railway network, to be certified using the Envision framework and rating system for sustainable infrastructure. The team chose to use the Envision framework to better orient all project stakeholders toward a perspective that incorporates historical, environmental, social, and economic sustainability throughout the planning and design of the project, and earning the Envision Silver Award confirms the success of those efforts.

The newly-designed station will demonstrate better integration with the surrounding community through more connected roadways and greater access to alternative transportation options, like bicycles. The station will serve as the hub of an integrated and sustainable “Mobility as a Service” (Maas) system, becoming a key part of the urban framework and enhancing Pesaro’s quality of life and commercial attractiveness.

The Pesaro Railway Station represents part of a larger project to integrate two parts of the city, which are currently divided by the bundle of railway tracks. The existing station building will be upgraded to facilitate more functional passenger services and updated public information systems, and a new access building will be constructed. The railway shelters, underpass, and station platforms will be updated, and the outdoor areas will be enhanced to promote better access to services and improved safety, livability, and attractiveness. The project team has also planned to optimize water and energy consumption, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions, throughout the development and lifespan of the project.


Project Name: Cattolica San Giovanni Gabicce Station
Project Location: Cattolica, Italy
Envision Award Level: Silver
Award Date: April 12, 2024
Project Cost: €15.3M (~US$16.4M)
Project Owner: Rete Ferroviaria Italiana
Project Phase: in progress
ICMQ Envision Website:

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